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Tomorrow's Fintech

Posted on May 2023 By Selby Jennings

Tomorrow's FinTech | Selby Jennings Global FinTech Report 2023

​With significant growth in the fintech sector in Asia, hiring strategies must keep up with the market.

This global report examines the future of hiring in the USA, Europe, and APAC fintech industry. Whether you are an organization searching for the right talent to achieve your business objectives or a professional seeking your next opportunity in this rapidly evolving market, we offer valuable insights on:

  • Key hiring trends in the USA, Europe, and APAC fintech sectors and their impact on the wider financial services industry

  • Compensation guidance for North Asia, as well as the US and Europe

  • Recommendations for companies seeking to attract and retain top talent in North Asia

  • Advice for candidates seeking their next career move in the North Asia fintech industry

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