• Selby Jennings Job Confidence Index 2021

    14 days ago

    We are in the precipice of the greatest workplace transformation. Financial Services leaders and talent acquisition professionals are currently facing a market that is deeply driven and navigated by candidates.In a post-pandemic landscape that is ripe with economic opportunity and dynamic operational recovery, understanding the unique sentiments embedded in the minds, hopes,...

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  • Virtual Recruitment Landscape

    about 1 month ago by Katrina Chui

    ​The historical events of the past year made most firms pivot and re-evaluate their talent acquisition processes. Despite the resetting of traditional workplace rules, on the back of many businesses continuing to limit travel and in-person collaboration, what can be said for the virtual recruitment landscape then?  At Selby Jennings, a subsidiary brand of the Phaidon Interna...

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    Selby V Irtual Landscape Blog
  • 2021 Mid Year Review and Look Ahead (North Asia)

    about 1 month ago by Katrina Chui

    Download our latest report to understand the changes in talent demand, what nuances affect financial services, and how firms can solve the number one business challenge: talent.

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  • How To Avoid Bias In Job Descriptions

    2 months ago

    ​There is overwhelming evidence that companies with diverse workforces perform better on every possible metric, with diversity positively impacting every level of a business, from the cleaning staff to the board of directors. Asian professionals say a workplace that respects diverse opinion is key to retaining talent. Bringing in as many perspectives, working styles and expe...

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  • Navigating the Talent Challenge Post-Pandemic

    3 months ago

    ​​The legacy of the global pandemic and the future of work is yet to be determined. As firms carve out a path forward, there are signs that the flexible working paradigm may be the solution to the impeding talent challenge, namely the battle of acquisition and retention.A recent Forbes feature, in partnership with our parent company Phaidon International, raises prominent qu...

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  • Performance Over Presence

    4 months ago by Katrina Chui

    ​Change may well be on the horizon and is accelerating exponentially. At the beginning of 2020, many financial services companies were firmly thrust into a remote working trajectory - HSBC staff in Hong Kong can now reportedly work 4 days a week from home- a watershed year for digital transformation within the workplace. For the past year, the high-speed mass adoption of fle...

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  • 2020 Reflections: Looking Back to Move Forward

    6 months ago

    2020 was a challenging year. It can be tempting for everyone to enter 2021 with blind optimism. However, we suggest learning as much as possible from reflections from 2020. Download our latest report to understand more.

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  • North Asia Financial Services Market Update

    8 months ago by

    ​2020 was a challenging year, fraught with pandemic, trade wars, and geopolitical upheaval. Not since the financial crisis of 2008 did we experience such turmoil in the financial sector. However, in Hong Kong and, more broadly, North Asia, our clients see extraordinary opportunities on the horizon. As 2020 ends, it is a time for every industry, including financial serv...

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  • The Benefits of Using a Specialist Recruiter to Find Talent

    10 months ago by

    Sourcing the right talent at the right time can prove arduous for any company. But the process becomes even more challenging when you work within a niche industry or sector. In these situations, a specialist recruiter can help find the perfect candidate for a hard-to-fill role.There are several benefits a specialist recruiter can offer when looking to find niche talent:Deep ...

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  • REOPEN Office with These Simple Six Steps

    11 months ago by Katrina Chui

    It feels normal to work from home now. After a long period of being part of the biggest remote workforce in history, it can feel a bit uncertain and daunting to reopen the office.No doubt, the biggest challenge employers face a few months ago was moving the workforce out of the office. Luckily, the financial services sector has been an easier group to transition. Most of the...

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  • Rethinking the Value of Loyalty

    11 months ago by

    ​Recently, we had the pleasure of presenting to a group of MBA students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong. Our Group Marketing Director, Luis Rolim, advised on how professionals can navigate a difficult job market, as well as improve their personal branding. Interestingly, in both sessions, the same question was asked by a member of the...

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    Rethinking The Value Of Loyalty
  • Taking Stock: The Post-Pandemic Workplace

    about 1 year ago by

    While the global pandemic will inevitably result in long term transformations to the form and function of the workplace, the short term will mostly be characterized by iterative solutions intended to buy time and weather immediate concerns.It is uncertain when or if a vaccine for COVID-19 will be discovered, and radical reorganization of the workplace could prove an unnecess...

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  • Diversity & Inclusion: Working From Home is the Key to Diversity

    about 1 year ago by

    ​No doubt, pandemic forced the global workforce to try on working from home arrangement. Certainly, this could be a very new experience for many companies and individuals. With such experience, 74% of the banking and financial services workforce reports wanting to embrace the working from home model according to a recent poll by our parent company, Phaidon International. Whi...

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  • Alert: Talent Exodus Post-Pandemic

    about 1 year ago by Katrina Chui

    Talent matters as much or even more than people think. How to avoid a talent exodus post-pandemic?

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  • Turn of the Tide: How to Hire in a Candidate-Flooded Market

    about 1 year ago by

    ​​​​In the financial services industry in North Asia, many hiring managers have endured the length and breadth of the talent shortage. For years, many job post have been met with a trickle of responses, so much so that you have waited nervously to see if the source finally dries up.In 2020, this is likely to look different. As many companies make drastic cuts to their workfo...

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  • The Final Step : Virtual Onboarding The New Talent

    over 1 year ago by

    ​The financial services industry is currently being tested by the current spread of COVID-19 around the world. While some industries slow down, some arebooming more than ever.With the country in lock down, most financial professionals will find themselves working from home for an uncertain period of time. As a hiring manager, this poses new challenges to the usual way of wor...

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  • Hiring Business Critical Talent Through Video Interviews

    over 1 year ago by

    ​During the Covid-19 epidemic, many of us in Hong Kong are grappling with a new reality. While some companies in the financial services sector are slowing down their hiring process, this is an opportune moment to use technology to your advantage and get ahead of the competition to secure business-critical talent.  As a hiring manager, using video calling software as part of ...

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  • Remote Working in the Midst of the Coronavirus Outbreak

    over 1 year ago by Katrina Chui

    What Impact has the Coronavirus had on the Banking and Finance Sector in Hong Kong?The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognised COVID-19 as a global emergency. And alongside national health services, it has taken swift and measure steps to limit the spread of the disease. Thankfully, following the last viral epidemic of SARS, technological and healthcare structures hav...

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    Sj Remote Work
  • International Women's Day 2020: An interview with Bethan Howell

    over 1 year ago by Katrina Chui

    ​What does #EachForEqual mean to the financial services industry in Hong Kong? How do we get gender equality between male and female in the job market?This year's International Women's Day's campaign is #EachforEqual. Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day. In 2020, we can choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden...

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  • ​International Women's Day 2020: An interview with Andrew McNeilis

    over 1 year ago by Katrina Chui

    ​​​As the managing director for a recruitment business across APAC and a parent of three boys and one girl, what does gender equality mean in Hong Kong for Andrew McNeilis? How do we get equal status between male and female in the job market?This year's International Women's Day's campaign is #EachforEqual. Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions...

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    Macca Sj