Quantitative Research & Trading

Quantitative Research & Trading

Quant is profoundly transforming the investment industry. As financial securities have become increasingly complex, demand has grown rapidly for people who can use mathematical models to price securities, generate profits and reduce risk.

Quant provides applied mathematical and statistical models to the most obscure financial and risk management problems, especially during unpredictable market conditions. Quant analysts apply mathematical and statistical models in the sell-side for derivatives pricing and risk management. On the other hand, they apply it to the buy-side for statistical arbitrage, algorithmic trading and quantitative investment trading. The widespread usage of derivatives will make returns more stable - increase liquidity and new strategies may emerge. The industry will enter era 2.0.

For decades, investors imagined a day when data-driven traders would dominate financial markets. That time has come – the quant hedge fund sector is experiencing significant growth. However, with the deep skillset required, harnessing the power of computer science and vast data-sets to make investment decisions is no mean feat. 

Shortage of Quant Talent in Asia

Quantitative analysis positions are found almost exclusively in major financial centres with trading operations. In Asia, many quants are working in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney, among other regional financial centres. However, there’s a talent shortage of quants in Asia. Asia lacks seasoned quant researchers, especially lacks the ones with the cultural fit on their approach. Moreover, the demand from international companies on particular technical skills ones is even rare to find.

Selby Jennings is specialising in finding hard-to-find talent in such a niche market. We understand the talent market not just locally - working as a global team leveraging on our global footprint. To understand more about the quant job and talent market, speak to our specialist team.

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Quantitative Research & Trading Jobs

Senior Analyst - Refined Products
Negotiable, Singapore

Responsibilities Monitor the market from fundamental (refinery run, refinery economics, product c...

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Crypto Execution Trader **Fully Remote**
US$250000 - US$450000 per year, New York

A rapidly growing crypto trading team is looking to add a Quant Trader to its team to help drive ...

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Quant Researcher
US$151000 - US$400000 per annum, Chicago

Specific responsibilities span from utilizing financial data in the hopes of forming and optimizi...

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Java developer/lead - Crypto HFT, Trading systems
Negotiable, Singapore

You will help to shape and build the cutting-edge tools used for real-time programmatic trading i...

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HFT Quantitative Researcher
US$150000 - US$250000 per year + PnL Split, Chicago

The Quantitative Trader/Researcher will be responsible for the following: Identify profitable tra...

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Senior Quantitative Trading Desk Strat - Volatility Trading
US$300000 - US$600000 per year + PnL Split, Chicago

The firm has been around for over a decade and is currently expanding organically to keep up with...

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Research Analyst - Quantitative Strategies - Equity
US$150000 - US$250000 per year, Chicago

The vacancy that they are looking to fill at the moment is a Research Analyst role on their tradi...

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VP - Risk Model Developer
Negotiable, Berlin

The role holder will have the opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of the Bank's risk ...

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AWS DevOps Sr. Engineer - Leading buyside asset management, HK
Negotiable, Hong Kong

Duties: AWS DevOPS / BE role to develop and maintain the company cloud infrastructure with the ab...

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