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REOPEN Office with These Simple Six Steps

Posted on September 2020

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It feels normal to work from home now. After a long period of being part of the biggest remote workforce in history, it can feel a bit uncertain and daunting to reopen the office.

No doubt, the biggest challenge employers face a few months ago was moving the workforce out of the office. Luckily, the financial services sector has been an easier group to transition. Most of the banks and financial institutions already have remote work process. Moreover, the facilities and technologies are well implemented well before Covid-19. 

Although moving the workforce out from office process was smooth, asking them to return can be challenging. Firstly, mentally employees might not be ready to return. According to our survey, 74% of banking financial services professionals want their employer to encourage more work from home. Secondly, physically it can be hard to maintain social distancing that will be needed for the full workforce to return. Hong Kong is the fourth most populated city on the planet - there more than 17k people per square miles.

Based on our own experience and consultation with local experts, our client network and our employees, we have been able to creare a best course of action. Here we have put together a REOPEN strategy guide for companies' reference.

Recognize who needs the office most

Engage with employees to get buy-in

Organize workers into different groups

Pandemic-proof the workspace

Effectively communicate your decisions

Negotiate flexible working

Download the full guide here


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