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Interview with Ignite Asia: Career coaches guide execs in times of ‘tremendous change’

Posted on March 2020

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Career paths in the asset management industry can be pretty well defined. However, it is not uncommon for some executives to want to change tracks and seek out a career coach. This especially come across individual mind when they feel bogged down with their current role, want a new challenge or a hoping to propel their career on a different trajectory.

Abimanu Jeyakumar, Hong Kong-based head of recruitment firm Selby Jennings, says a career coach is someone who can give an objective view on how an individual’s career has developed so far. This person can provide a sounding board to offer new ideas for career development.

“Maybe you don’t want to go into portfolio management with a natural track trajectory. You might want to look at being a senior analyst instead or heading up or writing research. I think that’s where the career coach can add value to someone’s career,” Jeyakumar says.

The important thing is to determine what motivates an individual and what success looks like to them, whether that is accomplishing a personal objective or attaining a senior role or even retiring at a certain age.

Jeyakumar has worked with a number of people in non-executive positions on advisory boards of listed companies. Many of them have had successful careers in private equity and investment banking. But still, have the desire to put their experience to use and help their businesses grow and establish themselves.

Similarly, Jeyakumar believes that asset management professionals should only get a career coach after they have had some experience working in the industry.

It is only after immersing themselves that they can see what they want out from their career. Whether be it getting a more senior role or trying a new role in a different industry, Jeyakumar said.

This is an excerpt from an article originally published by Ignite Asia. To read the full article, please visit Ignite Asia.

Recruiter vs Career Coach

The role of a career coach is to help you define what success looks like for you. They are someone who is outside of your circle of influence, but has a consultant objective.

Often, specialist recruiters are taking up this role for professionals. Recruiters are able to see how a candidate is taking those steps. They are also able to see from the hiring managers perspectives. To understand more, read our career advice article to find out how a specialist recruiter can help to advance your career.

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