How to Ace a Virtual Interview

As the coronavirus epidemic continues, more of us will be working from home. During this time, it is more likely that a candidate will be asked to interview via video conference call.

If you are applying for a competitive executive role based in Hong Kong, for example in the financial or property development sectors, it is likely you will be asked to complete a video interview early in the candidate process. Video interviews have grown in popularity because they are faster to set-up, easier to schedule around several busy calendars and cost less for both the employer and the candidate. They are the best way to quickly narrow down a wide pool of candidates compared to phone interviews or aptitude tests.  

But be warned: video interviews may be simple to set up, but it can be tricky to stand out in the crowd, and plenty can go wrong without the right preparation. There will be a larger focus on body language, as it makes more impact on the camera. You will need to show signs that illustrate that you are confident and capable while still providing the right answers. 


Download this guide to acing your video job interview for tips on choosing the right location, setting up your webcam, avoiding technological glitches and presenting yourself as professionally as possible. Follow this guide to approach your video interview with confidence.