Gender Diversity: The Commercial Imperative

​The business case for gender diversity is stronger than ever, but many companies are struggling to ensure women are fairly represented in top management. The data from 50 of the world’s biggest banks, insurers, asset managers and professional services firms showed that despite being the majority of junior staff, only a quarter (26%) of senior roles were occupied by women. In the S&P 500 Finance and Insurance, women occupy just 29% of executive and senior level positions despite making up 57% of the total industry workforce, and just 7% of CEOs.

Globally, the evidence mounts that increased female representation in critical decision-making positions has a positive impact on a company’s financial performance - yet women continue to be underrepresented in senior roles and they are more likely to be passed over for promotion.

Our recent study found that few organizations present a business case for gender diversity to their employees and, when they do, they do not support it with evidence; reducing their potential buy-in. For example, one key finding that caught our attention was that while 90% of CEOs reported they prioritized gender diversity because it “leads to better business results”, less than half (42%) of their employees agreed. Our survey dove deeper into how this difference emerged in understanding the ways in which gender diversity can improve financial performance.

Download our guide to access our survey findings and learn more about how organizations can emphasize gender diversity as a commercial imperative: