Download: 2022 Review and Look Ahead (North Asia)

The financial services industry is the backbone of Hong Kong’s economy, and the importance of the industry in North Asia has never been more obvious than in the past year.

However, while Hong Kong is moving on post-pandemic, there are a number of other uncertainties threatening the success of the financial services industry. The resilience shown by both professionals and firms in recent years has resulted in a high level of preparedness in Hong Kong and North Asia.

The region will not let external forces affect what could be a bumper year. There are huge opportunities for talent to capitalise on, with digital transformation top of the agenda. Many financial firms are going above and beyond to attract and retain local and expatriate talent. As a talent partner, we are looking forward to seeing positive change pushing financial services forward into an even brighter future.

Year in Review and Look Ahead 2022 Preview


Our Specialist Talent Partner for North Asia

The Selby Jennings team has extensive knowledge in the niche sector, with over 15 years’ experience delivering exceptional talent to industry-leading clients. In the first half of 2022 alone, we placed over 300 financial services professionals across North Asia, so if you’re looking to hire in this region and sector, please reach out to our talent team.

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