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  • Hong Kong Investment Banking Salary Guide - 2024

    18 days ago

    Navigating the complex and fast-paced nature of the investment banking sector in Hong Kong can be challenging, particularly when it comes to staying updated with the latest salary and bonus trends. That's why the latest Global Investment Banking Salary Guide - 2024 from Selby Jennings is an essential resource. This guide provides valuable insights for employers aiming to att...

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  • 5 Strategies for Success - Hiring Processes In Financial Services

    8 months ago

    ​Hiring in the field of financial services can often entail a lengthy and intricate interview process, comprising of initial telephone screenings, psychometric testing, face-to-face interviews with hiring managers, and on-site visits. To ensure the attraction and retention of top talent, it is imperative to streamline and engage in the interview process effectively. Here are...

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  • The Future of Financial Services in China

    over 1 year ago

    Following Mainland China’s border opening, Standard Chartered announced a hiring spree in Hong Kong to capitalize on the city's border. A wave of Financial Services hiring talent is now expected, as the industry increases market activities.With this growth opportunity also comes challenges however, such as being able to find the right talent for China, that can drive Fi...

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