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Mastering Senior Interviews in Private Banking

Posted on March 2024 By Selby Jennings

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As seasoned professionals in the private banking and wealth planning sector, the quest for career progression becomes both exciting and challenging. As you aim to ascend the ranks, it's essential to consider the questions hiring managers are likely to ask. Understanding and effectively addressing them can significantly enhance your chances of success in securing that coveted senior position. While interview questions may come in different shapes and forms, they are all meant to drill down to these three basic things.

Can You Do the Job?

For senior professionals in the private banking and wealth planning often require specific technical or niche skill sets. Hiring managers want to ensure that candidates possess the necessary experience and expertise to excel in these positions. During interviews, expect questions that delve deeper into your previous experiences and technical acumen.

To navigate this aspect successfully, prepare thoroughly by showcasing your accomplishments and emphasising relevant experiences. Highlight specific projects where you demonstrated your technical skills and contributed to the success of your team or organisation. Providing tangible examples of how you've handled challenges in the past can showcase your problem-solving abilities and resilience.

Moreover, stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments. Demonstrating that you are well-versed in the latest advancements in private banking and wealth planning will not only impress the interviewer but your commitment to professional growth will also show through.

Why Do You Want the Job?

While your skills and experience are crucial, hiring managers are equally interested in understanding your motivation and commitment. They don't want to invest time and resources only to have a candidate reject the offer or accept a counteroffer elsewhere. Therefore, it's imperative to convey a genuine desire for the position.

Before the interview, reflect on why you want to make a career move and why the specific senior role aligns with your aspirations. If you've been with your current firm for an extended period, be prepared to explain your willingness to explore new opportunities and challenges.

“Apart from having the relevant knowledge and experience to do the role well, one of the key determining aspects for the hiring manager is 'how difficult will it be for them to convince you to make a move' and' how quickly can you make a decision about joining', especially if they are hiring for a time-critical position. Basically, apart from compensation, they want to know how attached you are to your current company and what are your motivations for a new opportunity."

-Jack Metters, Associate Director - Private Wealth, Selby Jennings North Asia

Research the prospective employer extensively and articulate your reasons for wanting to join their team. This could include their reputation in the industry, commitment to innovation, or alignment with your values. By showing your genuine enthusiasm for the role, you are showing that you're fully ready, prepared, and motivated to join their company, eliminating their doubts during the interview.

Are You the Right Fit in the Company and Team Culture?

Technical skills aside, hiring managers are keen on assessing whether you'll integrate well into the company's culture and work effectively with the existing team. Questions related to your values, teamwork, and strengths will likely be part of the interview process.

To tackle this aspect successfully, delve into your working style and values. Whenever appropriate, take time to tell the interviewer about your collaboration with diverse teams and overcoming challenges together. Emphasise your adaptability, communication skills, and ability to contribute positively to team dynamics.

Moreover, always research the company's culture and values beforehand. Understanding their ethos and aligning your responses with their expectations will signal to the interviewer that you are not only a skilled professional but also a cultural fit for the organisation.

As you navigate the path towards a senior position in private banking and wealth planning, addressing these three key core questions at the heart of every interview can set you apart from other candidates. By showcasing your technical proficiency, expressing genuine enthusiasm and alignment with the company's culture, you position yourself as a well-rounded and desirable candidate.

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