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Chinese Banks are Leading the APAC Revenue Ranking Chart

Posted on December 2020

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While we are stepping closer to the end of the year 2020, it is a time to review and give a summary on the performance. According to Dealogic latest figures, Chinese banks are not just dominant players in domestic league tables, but also well-positioned in most rankings that cover the whole Asia Pacific region.

Chinese Banks are Powerful in Capital Markets

Throughout the year, because of the tension between the US and China, multiple "home-coming listings" from mainland companies have initial public offerings in Hong Kong. That is to say, it has reinforced Hong Kong's status as a global financial hub. 

Although Goldman Sachs ($446m) is leading the top of the chart of Asia Pacific ECM revenue rank, Chinese banks are taking 5 top spots from the chart.

Asia Pacific ECM Revenue Rank: 2020 YTD
  1. Goldman Sachs - $446m

  2. CITIC Securities - $405m

  3. China International Capital Corp - $370m

  4. Morgan Stanley - $341m

  5. China Securities Co - $302m

  6. JPMorgan - $283m

  7. UBS - $238m

  8. Credit Suisse - $237m

  9. Haitong Securities Co - $226m

  10. Huatai Securities Co - $215m

Chinese Banks Dominates the DCM Market

In addition to powering in capital markets, Chinese banks are dominating the DCM market.

This is not something new, China has been dominating the DCM market across Asia for the past few years. Above all, this year, 5 out of the top 10 are Chinese banks. And top 2 rankings are dominated by CITIC Securities and China Securities Co.

Asia Pacific DCM Revenue Rank: 2020 YTD
  1. CITIC Securities - $305m

  2. China Securities Co - $266m

  3. Mizuho - $220m

  4. Morgan Stanley - $193m

  5. Guotai Junan Securities Co Ltd - $183m

  6. Haitong Securities Co - $160m

  7. China International Capital Corp - $156m

  8. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group - $149m

  9. Citi - $144m

  10. Nomura - $138m

Chinese Bank Ranked Top at Investment Banking (M&A, ECM and DCM combined)

CITIC Securities is the number-one firm for APAC core investment banking revenue ($748m), beating Morgan Stanley ($728m) and Goldman Sachs ($690m). 

What does this mean for hiring?

Chinese investment banks, in general, focus their hiring on Beijing and Shanghai, however, their Hong Kong recruitment rate has remained strong compare with US and European rivals in the city.

“China on-shore headquartered banks are hiring actively in Hong Kong despite the pandemic backdrop,” says Abimanu Jeyakumar, head of Selby Jennings for North Asia at interview with eFinancial Careers. But there’s a catch: not many of the vacancies are for front-office bankers. “Hong Kong’s strong IPO pipeline means ECM teams are busy, but Chinese i-banks are transferring analysts and associates from their other teams to meet demand. They’re hiring instead in areas such as institutional investment,” he adds.

Be ahead of the competition

With an uncertain year, competition ahead will be tougher than usual. That is to say, if you are looking for new opportunities, there could be potentially more people competing with you. However, it is always good to see opportunities in Chinese banks and China market. If you want to understand more or discuss with our specialist recruiters, contact us.


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