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Why You Should Not Hesitate to Find A New Job

Posted on September 2020

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In times of uncertainty, we are supposed to lay low and wait for better days, right? With the global pandemic looming over our heads, this argument is strengthened by lower economic activity and reduced expectations. However, staying where you are in terms of your career may be just the thing you should not be doing. Finding a new job could be more beneficial.

Someone says the job market is dead but we see the opposite. In Hong Kong, while banks are trying to balance with the new American sanctions regime and the national security law, compliance professionals in Hong Kong have become more in demand now. Compliance hiring has picked up substantially since July.

No adversity ever comes without an opportunity. You must have heard this one before. COVID -19 is the unprecedented adversity that we need to live with until further notice. Having this in mind, we cannot postpone important decisions solely based on fear of tomorrow. Tomorrow has always and will always be risky. It’s our job to become more flexible.

Why Should You Look For A Job Now

1. A career change has never been easier

Let’s face it. There is hardly anyone of us who at one point didn’t seriously consider changing a job or a company. What stood in our way was usually a lack of courage and too many excuses. Maybe we were a bit too scared, a bit too insecure. But if there is the same urge looming somewhere deep within you, this might just be the right time to listen to the little voice in your head whispering a question: Is it the time for a change?

2. Strong companies survived

If the company you are applying for still operates profitably, this is a good sign that their business model is good. Especially look for those companies who the job market. Companies that are hiring at this time are potentially big growth companies as they have enough capacity to hire new staff even at uncertain times like these.

3. Governmental support to employers

The government of Hong Kong introduced the Employment Support Scheme in June 2020, in order to help businesses keep the existing staff. Wage subsidies will be distributed in two tranches until November 2020. This means that the employer will have additional space to think about potentially engaging new employees either on full time or part-time basis.


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