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Tips for navigating the job market during the coronavirus pandemic

Posted on May 2020

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An interview with Ignite Asia​

We are back to the "real" normal.

Hong Kong is one of the first city in the world that gets back to normal. The workforce is almost all back to the office. Citigroup has also recently announced to bring 600 staff back to Hong Kong office

"Although we are living through an unprecedented situation and no one can really tell what exactly is going to happen next," Jack Zhang, Head of Investment Management for Selby Jennings Hong Kong, shared his view on Ignite Asia's interview.

"Instead of worrying or speculating about the future of the job market, job hunters should shift your focus to what you can do at the moment," Jack advises.

Keep the conversation going

A first step to improve job hunters' chances of getting a new job is simply to keep talking to as many people as they can, such as recruiters or managers at fund companies, to try to find out about the specific roles or market segment they are interested in and learn about how this part of the industry is being impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

"Have the courage and the willingness to have long conversations with people to know what you’re up against and make the right decision based on that," Jack adds.

There are areas that have not been impacted

There are pockets of the financial services industry that have not been severely impacted by the economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus, and so candidates should consider shifting their focus to these areas.

"Even at this uncertain time, tech-related roles are still very much in demand and financial technology firms are continuing to hire investment professionals from fund companies," said Jack.

This is an excerpt from an article originally published by Ignite Asia. To read the full article, please visit Ignite Asia.

Navigate a difficult job market

Selby Jenning has put together a guide to help financial services professionals navigate these challenging times. Read on to discover how to hide, move or target to get your desired job without lingering for too long on the market.

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