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Feeling Blue? Use These Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Mood and Productivity at Work

Posted on February 2020

Blue Monday

Do you ever feel a lack of energy and motivation at the beginning of your work week? You are not alone. Monday Blues can affect us all. The on-going protests in Hong Kong, especially at the weekend, can make it difficult to start the week in a good mood. Monday Blues have been amplified due to the on-going protests in Hong Kong, especially when the weekend protests gone chaos. The protest has been affecting the financial market professionals due to the “Lunch with you” protests in the main financial hub area. Working in well-known as "high stress" industry, you definitely don’t want any negative vibes to affect your career, or even worst, lead to depression.

For financial professionals, "Lunch with you" protests only add stress to an already high-pressure sector. From daily conversations with our candidates, we know that ‘work blues’ can have a profound effects on their mood and productivity. Luckily, we are here to help you turn the day around. Download our guide to discover easy ways you can beat the Monday blues.


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